It is slight miracle that the coastline around the town of Krui, a six-hour drive from Bandar Lampung in South Sumatra, has been such a well-kept secret for so long. However the reputation of the area’s most consistent wave Ujung Bocur or Karang Nyimbor, eventually seeped through to the wider surfing world, especially when Gabriel Medina turned up in early 2019 to surf in the Krui’s first professional surfing. There are however a number of excellent reefbreaks and one world-class beachbreak within a short distance of Krui.

When to go

The main season runs from June - October. This is the most consistent time of the year for swell, offering the most variety of waves to surf and offshore tradewinds. The late season runs from November to January, when the beachbreaks turn on every day. The early season runs from February to May and features consistently clean, small to medium swell, great for both the reefs and beachies.


This wonderful area has a lot of flora, fauna and tropical rain forest, as well as endless white, palm tree lined beaches to enjoy. Visit a local town, hit the Krui markets, try some local food or rent a scooter and go explore the coastline. There are jungle and river treks, where you can expect to see elephants and tigers, as well as excellent fishing and great snorkelling.

The Country

The nation of Indonesia is almost unimaginably vast: More than 17,000 islands providing 108,000 kilometres of beaches. Laying on the western rim of the Ring of Fire Indonesia has more than 400 volcanoes, of which 130 are considered active, as well as many undersea volcanoes. The island of New Guinea (on which the Indonesian province of Papua is located) is the second largest island in the world. With 18,110 islands, 6,000 of them inhabited, Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. About 240 million people live in this fourth most populous country in the world — after China, India and the USA — and by far the largest country in Southeast Asia.

Getting There

Fly into Jakarta International Airport (CGK), then a take a 40-minute domestic flight to Bandar Lampung domestic Airport (TKG). From there it’s a six-hour drive to Krui which your accommodation will organize in advance. 

Travel Information

Time Zone

UTC +06:00



Calling code



230 V – Plug type C, F