The Perfect Wave – Our Core Values



As a growing company, it is very important to continue the core values that have been the basis of the business since start up. These define who we are and what we stand for as an organization. Here are The Perfect Wave’s 10 commandments: 


    1. Customer service promise – Our number one priority at the TPW is to deliver the world’s best customer service to ensure our clients have the best surf experience of their life. We become so emotionally involved with the surf experiences we create, that we share in the excitement, anticipation and pure stoke of our customers. We will go above and beyond our customer’s expectations to create lifelong RAVING FANS.
    2. Culture – TPW is a culture of highly motivated and ambitious team players who are encouraged to take initiative and care about the organization like it’s their own. TPW believes that the business is the people in it, and so incentivizes and rewards success to attract the best. TPW does not tolerate mediocrity full stop. Our environment needs to be an environment of positivity, consideration and encouragement, with solutions not problems voiced daily.
    3. Create Fun – We choose where we work and enjoy what we do. We believe you should never take life too seriously to not have some fun each day. We encourage each other to create and initiate fun and social activities. We also encourage all staff to congratulate each other on their achievements. TPW celebrates all achievements with unbridled enthusiasm. We believe a happy work environment produces an amazing experience for both the team member and our clients.
    4. Innovation and Creativity – We strive to always be one step ahead and constantly innovate to improve and streamline our surf experiences, systems and environment. We look outside the square to find solutions and encourage positive ‘can do’ attitudes.
    5. Honesty and Integrity – TPW builds strong relationships within our team; with our partners; and our customers, based on honesty and integrity. TPW believes relationships are the cornerstone of any enterprise; and the basis of any successful relationship is loyalty and trust. Our reputation is our most valued asset.
    6. Communication – Too much is never enough. Two of the most important words to us are Clarify and Verify and we live by ensuring nothing is left to assumption. Communication is sharing information and knowledge. Communication is also asking questions and listening – to make sure we know our customers like friends, so we can find them their perfect holiday experience.
    7. Growth and Learning – TPW demands an open mindset from all team members as we know this is required for growth and improvement. Within our team we train and be trained; and we actively promote external opportunities to improve ourselves, both for business and personally.
    8. Live Life With Passion – Passion is everything in this business and everything in life. This means giving 110% in everything we do… work, in the surf, and in our personal lives. We are all surfers and travelers, which is what makes us so passionate about what we do.
    9. Team Values – TPW promotes a team spirit where everyone helps and looks after each other. We are a family unit that respects each other’s differences and encourages each other to achieve their goals. We pool together our knowledge and our skills to create an unbeatable team.
    10. Contribution – It is essential for us to contribute where possible to the amazing places and people that we visit ourselves and send our clients. We understand that we visit and surf in other peoples countries and that we need to be respectful of their cultures, environment and ideology. We will also encourage all our clients to also follow the same mantra and to contribute where possible.