The Perfect Wave Duty of Care – 20-point Checklist

Most surf trips listed by The Perfect Wave are independent surf operators and are not part of nor in partnership with The Perfect Wave Travel Co. The Perfect Wave acts as an agent only. We sell various travel related products on behalf of numerous transport, accommodation and other service providers, such as airlines, land based accommodation and boat charter operators. The Perfect Waves’ obligation is to make travel bookings on your behalf and to arrange relevant contracts between you and the travel service providers. The Perfect Wave has no responsibility for these services nor do we make or give any warranty of representation regarding their standards. All bookings are made subject to the terms and conditions and limitations of liability imposed by these service providers.


However as we have an experienced operation ourselves in the Maldives as well as a massive 5 star operational background, we are qualified to audit the operations that we represent. With 6 years of putting together surf experiences around the world we have attained a massive knowledge base in what our clients want in a surf trip and what should be a minimum requirement for them.


Although we are unable to inspect all the 300 experiences that we represent, we have been able to visit the majority of operations between all team members in our network.  We do this to ensure that we have the best operations for our clients and that we have done our due diligence to ensure every trip has the best chance of success.  Now we understand that there is no way to guarantee that something won’t go wrong on your surf holiday, but we are confident that we only represent the best operators that can and will deal with any issues that occur and do the right thing by their guests. What we have created to ensure that we have the best operators is the following “20 point checklist” that all operations need to supply us with before we list their surf experience.


However we do need to reiterate that although TPW have done the maximum due diligence possible to ensure you have a successful holiday, it is impossible to guarantee and you need to be aware it is unlikely but possible something may still go wrong. Even when surf camps and resorts have the highest level of maintenance and care, it is still a fact of life that things may not be perfect and unforeseen circumstances can arise.


We are solely a travel agent working for both the operators and yourself,  and we are not responsible or liable for any issues you may have with the operator, as per the Travel Agents Act. We will guarantee though, that we will work for all our clients that have reason to be unhappy with an operation, and we will use our strongest influence to ensure the operator does the right thing by all our clients.


20 Point Checklist – Surf Boat Charters

  1. Up to date boat survey
  2. Up to date maintenance history check
  3. Log book clarification
  4. Insurance policy information
  5. Skipper pre-departure inspection checklist
  6. Boat emergency & safety protocol
  7. Breakdown/disruption protocol with alternate options
  8. Natural disaster protocol
  9. Operator/owner  reference check – min 2 references
  10. Captain & crew profile & credentials
  11. Ground crew info & contact
  12. Emergency contact procedures –  24/7 – min 3 contacts
  13. Communication device list – inc Sat phone
  14. Surf guide profile & credentials
  15. Specifications report inc power outlets
  16. Cabin configuration / Floor plan
  17. Tender / support craft report & information
  18. Booking procedures with Terms and Conditions
  19. Example itinerary – including regions accessed
  20. Extra activities & additional equipment list

20 Point Checklist – all surf experiences we represent

  1. Current licensing/certification
  2. Analysis of Company Policies (Culture and Values)
  3. Social and Environment Sustainability Policies (Local Communities)
  4. Insurance policy information
  5. Local Emergency & safety protocol
  6. Natural disaster protocol
  7. Emergency contact procedures –  24/7 – min 3 contacts
  8. Proximity and standard of local doctors/hospitals
  9. Operator/owner  reference check – min 2 references
  10. Operations Manager profile & credentials
  11. Surf guide profile & credentials
  12. Tender / surf support craft report & information
  13. Access to all accommodation information/local area information and current photos
  14. Specifications report inc safety deposit boxes/room safes
  15. Internet and communication accessibility for clients
  16. Arrival and departure transfer services/procedures/contacts
  17. Booking procedures with Terms and Conditions
  18. Extra activities & additional equipment list
  19. Media Analysis (Trip Advisor reviews etc)
  20. Word of mouth & returned clients feedback from every booking