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The Perfect Wave have an ever expanding, diverse, passionate and well-travelled team working in all our international offices.


We have experienced specialists who thrive on sharing their knowledge and will provide expert answers to all your queries on preferred destination countries, accommodation, cuisine, weather and wave quality, for all demographics and all forms of surf craft.



Chris Buykx

Chris Buykx

Global Head Coach
Chris' Bio

Chris joined the Perfect Wave in early 2016 after completing a 4WD expedition around Australia with his family. Chris has worked his entire career in the adventure travel industry, with over 25 years’ experience as a general manager, tour operator and expedition leader.


Local beach: Freshwater.

Favourite Weekend Getaway:  Camping on the beach on the far South Coast.

Countries travelled: Morocco, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Nepal, India, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, USA (incl. Hawaii), Maldives, PNG, Micronesia, Samoa, Fiji – all Australia.

Favourite travel destination:  Outback Australia – the North West.

Favourite Day Trip/Activity you’ve ever done on Holidays:  4 surfs in one day and getting barrelled every time, New Ireland PNG.

Next bucket list trip:  Banff and Lake Louise snowboarding and ice climbing, Canada

Sylvia Hammond

Sylvia Hammond

Australian Team Coach
Sylvia's Bio

Sylv joined the Perfect Wave in July 2012 after 11 years in the retail travel industry working as a consultant as well as a manager. SG has 16 years’ experience in travel, specialising in the luxury market, honeymooners, wedding anniversaries and big birthdays.


Local beach: Narrabeen.

Favourite Weekend Getaway:  Lord Howe Island or Port Macquarie.

Countries travelled:  Maldives, Fiji, New Zealand, Mauritius, mainland USA and Hawaii, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Seychelles.

Favourite travel destination:  Maldives

Favourite Day Trip/Activity you’ve ever done on Holidays:  There are too many… heli flight in San Fran, hot Air Ballooning in Arizona, USA dinner on the private island in the Maldives…

Next bucket list trip:  Pete Murray at Kandooma, Maldives or birthday trip at Six Senses Fiji

Charlie Pierce

Charlie Pierce

Surf Experience Manager
Charlie's Bio

Charlie joined The Perfect Wave early in 2012 after 15 years of travelling in Australia and around the world and / or working as a travel agent in various guises. Charlie has surfed on 5 of the 7 continents and is constantly looking for his next mission so will likely be almost as excited about your trip as you are.


Local beach: Manly.

Favourite Weekend Getaway:  Byron.

Countries travelled:  Aus, NZ, Fiji. New Cal, Samoa, Hawaii, US, Canada, Sth America, South Africa, Western Europe, India, Indo, Thailand and Japan.

Favourite travel destination:  Surf – Ments.  Snow – Jackson Hole Wyoming.

Favourite Day Trip/Activity you’ve ever done on Holidays:  Summiting a 6,000m mountain in Peru.

Next bucket list trip:  Heli/cat ski Alaska.

Bruno Parodi

Bruno Parodi

Senior Surf Experience Specialist
Bruno's Bio

Bruno joined The Perfect Wave in early 2014. Bruno has been travelling and surfing around the world for over 20 years now. He has surfed in most of the iconic locations in the world but still has a few more boxes to tick and his bucket list keeps getting longer.


Local beach: Manly.

Favourite Weekend Getaway:  NSW South Coast.

Countries travelled:  Sth America, USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, French Polynesia, Fiji, Indonesia, China, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Singapore.

Favourite travel destination:  Indonesia.

Favourite Day Trip/Activity you’ve ever done on Holidays:  Surfing and Safari.

Next bucket list trip:  P-Pass.

Matt Lindsay

Matt Lindsay

Surf Experience Guru
Matt's Bio

Matt was born in California, but moved to Australia at age 4, growing up on the Gold Coast.
Began competing in surf contests at age 14 and later surf coaching. A qualified school teacher, Matt has coached alongside Phil MacNamara (3x World Champion Mick Fanning’s Coach) at Palm Beach-Currumbin High School’s Surfing Excellence Program. Following years of travel and exploration, Matt returned to the USA and began coaching NSSA athletes, including full-time coach for Kanoa Igarashi. Back in Australia Matt  held the role of Coaching Director for Queensland Surfing as well as being an announcer for WSL (formally ASP) at numerous events including Quiksilver/Roxy Pro Gold Coast.  As a private surf coach in the Maldives for Beginners to Advanced surfers, followed by stints in Costa Rica and Mexico Matt has the experience to help surf travelers from beginner level through to experienced, navigate the wide World of surf travel destinations. Let Matt help you find your perfect surf vacation!
One paragraph about you and your experience
  • Local Beach – Formally Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, now Blacks Beach, San Diego.
  • Favourite weekend Getaway – Cabo, Mexico
  • Countries Travelled – USA, Australia, Indo, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, England, Scotland, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, Italy, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, FIji, Canary Islands, Morocco, Puerto Rico, Antigua, 
  • Favourite travel destination – Maldives, Australia.
  • Favourite activity on holidaysSurfing with new and old friends
  • Next Bucket List Trip – Telos

Georgia West

Georgia West

Wholesale and Groups Guru
Georgia's Bio

A local Northern Beaches girl born & raised, Georgia joined the Perfect Wave in 2018 as part of the sales team. A well-travelled, experienced and positive part of the team – Georgia specialises in Families, Groups and couples getaways – treating your trip as if it were her own.
Local Beach – North Curl Curl
Favourite weekend Getaway – Road Tripping anywhere out of Sydney!
Countries Travelled – Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Greece, United States of America , Colombia & Ecuador.
Favourite travel destinations – Vietnam & Croatia
Favourite activity on holidays – anything in/on/around the water
Next Bucket List Trip – The Maldives(2020)

Kurt Ramisch

Kurt Ramisch

Surf & Snow Travel Guru
Kurt's Bio

Local Beach / Palmy – I love Palmy especially in the winter as the crowds are quite low and it’s a pretty special place to call my local.
Favourite weekend Getaway – I grew up spending the holidays as a kid at my grandparents down south at a place called Cunjarong Point, It is my go to weekend getaway whenever I want to get out of Sydney, I love it.
Countries Travelled – Canada, USA, Hawaii, Indonesia, France, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland.
Favourite travel destination – Canada – I lived in Whistler (snowboarding) for a while and it definitely holds a place in my heart.
Favourite activity on holidays – I love being active and adventurous, Snowboarding, surfing, zip lining pretty much anything that gets the adrenaline pumping.
Next Bucket List Trip – More surf trips! Maldives and Mentawais for sure!!

Caleb Thornton-Shaw

Caleb Thornton-Shaw

Digital Marketing Manager
Caleb's Bio
Caleb joined the Perfect Travel Group after extensively traveling the world’s oceans via his surfboard and scuba tank. Since working as a PADI Instructor throughout South East Asia, the Pacific and the Caribbean; his passion for life above and below the water drives him to share his unique view of the world with all.

Local beach: Narrabeen (Sydney, Australia)

Favourite Weekend Getaway: Wherever I can pitch a tent, enjoy some beers around a campfire and be in the ocean.

Countries travelled: NZ, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Raro, Indo, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, USA, Bahamas, St Maarten, Mexico, El Salvador, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Argentina

Favourite day trip / activity on holidays: Not ocean related – Free falling from 14,000ft

Next bucket list trip: Tanzania & UAE

Lachy Mckay

Lachy Mckay

Surf Experience Specialist
Lachy's Bio

Lachy Joined the Perfect Wave early in 2015 after working and building his sales experience in surf retail. His passion for surfing and travelling is highly infectious making him our ‘go to guy’ to get you stoked for your next trip. Having covered many corners of the world looking for waves, you’re in safe very hands with Lachy.


Local beach: Narrabeen.

Favourite Weekend Getaway:  Camping on the Mid North Coast NSW. Wherever you can pitch a tent, have a campfire and walk to the beach.

Countries travelled:  Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Samoa, Thailand, Canada, USA, Hawaii, Greece, Croatia, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, England, Spain and The Netherlands.

Favourite travel destination: Hands down Canada! Being so accustomed to the ocean it was incredible to be immersed in the mountains and none other than the Rocky’s.

Favourite Day Trip/Activity you’ve ever done on Holidays:  Helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon! What a new perspective.

Next bucket list trip:  Sri Lanka is almost at the top of the list but the Mentawai is next.

Rob Underwood

Rob Underwood

Chief Global Surf Guide
Robert's Bio
Rob “Undies” Underwood is everyone’s favourite surf guide. Rob is an extremely experienced and accomplished surfer. He joined The Perfect Wave team in 2012, heading up the Kandooma surf programme in the Maldives for 4 years before heading over to Bali late last year. Rob and his lovely partner Jolie now run the surf into yoga programme and surf guide team at S-Resorts, Hidden Valley, Bali. Before joining The Perfect Wave Rob was chief instructor under for Matty Grainger’s highly successful Manly Surf School.


Local beach: Narrabeen.
Favourite Weekend Getaway: Seal Rocks.
Countries travelled: Indonesia/Thailand/Japan/Usa/Canada/Mexico/Ireland/Holland/New Zealand/Fiji/Maldives/Sri Lanka/Singapore
Favourite travel destination: Mexico
Favourite Day Trip/Activity you’ve ever done on Holidays: Seaplane surf adventure with Donovan Frankenreiter and Jamie Gray Central Atolls, the Maldives.
Next bucket list trip: Costa Rica.

Ben Horvath

Ben Horvath

Group Marketing Manager
Ben's Bio

Ben joined The Perfect Wave team as Global Marketing Manager in 2012 after previously being the foundation editor of Coastalwatch.com.au for five years and publisher of Underground Surf Magazine for the decade prior. Ben has worked in the surfing media much of his working life, both in print and online. BH also spent many years in the surf and street apparel industry with various major labels and also enjoyed success with his own. Ben has also been a high profile Sydney surf reporter for 30 years and now also runs our Cronulla office.


Local beach: Cronulla.

Favourite Weekend Getaway:  Sth Coast NSW, either the Royal National Park, The Coal Coast or south of Jervis Bay.

Countries travelled:  Hawaii, Indonesia, Maldives, Sri Lanka, USA, Mexico, Singapore,  New Caledonia.

Favourite travel destination:  The south coast of NSW. There’s  always swell if you know where to look, and so much variety and still minimal crowds if you know where to go.

Favourite Day Trip/Activity you’ve ever done on Holidays:  Still love my day trips to Sanur when it is big in Bali. Been doing them since mid 80’s, always score.

Next bucket list trip:  Euro football, music, cultural heritage trip maybe. Go watch some EPL, La Liga, go to an old school punk festival and surf some French and Portugese beachies etc.

Peter Curilla

Peter Curilla

Website Content Manager
Peter C's Bio

Peter has been with The Perfect Wave since 2010, and has been looking after the website content and digital marketing. He’s an avid traveller, having lived between Europe, Bali, Sydney and Japan. When he’s not surfing his local break, you can find him with his laptop in a café or skiing quality powder in Japan or Europe.


Local beach: Dee Why in Sydney and Canggu in Bali.

Favourite Weekend Getaway: A ski trip to Hakuba, or a surf trip up the coast in Sydney or Bali.

Countries travelled: Lived in Australia, Bali, Japan, Ireland, Slovakia, Germany and the Netherlands. Travelled Indonesia, the Maldives, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Dubai (UAE), Vietnam and 15 countries in Europe.

Favourite travel destination: Can’t decide between Bali, Japan and Australia. All 3 absolutely rock.

Favourite Day Trip/Activity you’ve ever done on Holidays: Surfing in the Maldives, skiing in Japan and scuba diving in Malaysia.

Next bucket list trip: Haven’t booked anything yet, but Hawaii, Sri Lanka and the Philippines are on top of the dream list.

Gina Lowe

Gina Lowe

Group Team Development / HR
Gina's Bio

Gina is one of the originals, our first consultant when she joined The Perfect Wave in 2008. Gina has been involved in everything as the business has grown and now this incredible experience is put to use as she supports the worldwide team.


Local beach: Warriewood.

Favourite Weekend Getaway:  Byron.

Countries travelled:  Aus, NZ, ,Maldives, Fiji, Indo, Thailand, Japan New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Canada, Italy, Turkey, UK, Croatia,.

Favourite travel destination:  Surf – Maldives.  Snow – Japan

Favourite Day Trip/Activity you’ve ever done on Holidays: 2  months living/working at Kandooma Resort, Maldives with my family.

Next bucket list trip:  Luxury surf charter (kid-free) in the Maldives!

Kristy Renike

Kristy Renike

Group Accounts Manager
Kristy's Bio

With over 20 years accounts experience, Kristy works at the heart of the business, ensuring suppliers, operators, consultants and travellers have all their payments looked after. A keen surfer, Kristy also gets plenty of experience of the destinations along with her group of Surfing Mums.


Local beach: Long Reef

Favourite Weekend Getaway: Camping down the South Coast

Countries travelled: Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador, Paraguay, Brazil, New Zealand, Hawaii, UK, France, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Austria, South Africa, Indonesia

Favourite travel destination: Maldives

Favourite Day Trip/Activity you’ve ever done on Holidays: Underwater meditation.

Next bucket list trip: Central America.

Marie Gray

Marie Gray

A Perfect Foundation Director and Sponsorship
Marie's Bio

Marie has been working at the Perfect Wave since 2011, originally as a sales experience specialist. Marie now works full time on our non-profit organisation – A Perfect Foundation. Marie sources funding and works in collaboration with other non-profit organisations on partnerships.  After years of travelling the world and discovering extremely poor communities, A Perfect Foundation was formed with a desire to giving back to impoverished, remote communities and making a sustainable difference.  Marie has extensive background experience as an Executive Assistant working with global brands like Guinness, Lend Lease and CTC Productions working on top rating shows like Burkes Backyard and Backyard Blitz.


Local beach: Long Reef

Favourite Weekend Getaway:  Anywhere

Countries travelled:  Europe, Botswana, Canada, Egypt, Fiji, Gaza Strip, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Laos, Malawi, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritius, Mexico, Mozambique, New Zealand (birthplace),Samoa, Singapore, South Africa, Syria, Tanzania, Thailand, United Kingdom (lived there), USA, Vietnam, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Favourite travel destination:  Maldives – absolutely paradise!!

Favourite Day Trip/Activity you’ve ever done on Holidays:  Bungy jumping 216m from world’s highest bungy bridge with 9 second free-fall!! Bloukrans Bridge South Africa! Also walking with the Lions in Mauritius and seeing the Komodo Dragons in Flores!!

Next bucket list trip:  Nihiwatu Resort, Sumba.

Rhonda Burton

Rhonda Burton

Chief Financial Officer and Co Founder
Rhonda's Bio

Rhonda and Jamie Gray were backpacking buddies who founded the company together in 2006.  Rhonda has extensive travel experience and previously worked at Flight Centre where she had been assistant manager of the largest Flight Centre store in the world; as well as most profitable and most productive Flight Centre accountant in the world.


Local beach: Dee Why now, but grew up on Sorrento Beach, WA.

Favourite Weekend Getaway:  Bali.

Countries travelled: Argentina, Austria,  Belgium, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Brunei, Cambodia, Canada (2 times), Chile, Egypt, Fiji (5 times), France (2 times), Germany (2 times), Greece, Hawaii (3 times), Indonesia (10 times), Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan (2 times), Jordan, Kenya, Laos, Liechtenstein, Malawi, Malaysia (2 times), Maldives (3 times), Mexico (2 times), Micronesia, Morocco, Netherlands (3 times), New Zealand (2 times), Peru, Portugal , Scotland, Singapore (2 times), South Africa (lived there), Spain (2 times), Switzerland, Tanzania, Tahiti (3 times), Thailand (4 times), Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom (lived there), Uruguay, USA (3 times), Vietnam, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Favourite travel destination:  Maldives for sure – the most beautiful place on earth.

Favourite Day Trip/Activity you’ve ever done on Holidays:  There’s so many more than 1!  Snowboarding Niseko powder, Cape town skydiving, live volcano climb in Chile, Patagonia mountain hiking, Inca Trail in Peru, ceremony & party with African tribe in Malawi, white water rafting the Grade 5 Zambezi River in Africa……

Next bucket list trip:  Sri Lanka, Cook Islands or Samoa next.

Jamie Gray

Jamie Gray

CEO and Founder
Jamie's Bio

Jamie founded The Perfect Travel Group in 2006 and has led the company to where it stands now, as the world’s largest surf experience company. Prior to founding The Perfect Wave, Jamie spent years creating and running hospitality venues around the world. JG also worked for The Hilton Hotel group in varied capacities and has extensive experience in the hospitality sector. His passion for travel has always been there since travelling around Australia for three years before he turned 21. He then spent the next 7 years living and travelling all over the world. There has always been two priority passions over the years, the Surf and Snow. Along with his dedication to family, surf and snow travel is quite literally his life.


Local beach: South Narrabeen

Favourite Weekend Getaway: South Coast NSW

Countries travelled:

Europe, South East Asia, Middle East, North America, Central America, Africa, South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand.

Favourite travel destination: Indonesia from Aceh to Papua.

Favourite Day Trip/Activity you’ve ever done on Holidays: Seaplane surfing, heli ski, climbing volcanos, shark diving and skydiving.

Next bucket list trip: Secret spot


Lars Bornhoft

Lars Bornhoft

Director of Operations
Lar's Bio

Lars is our chief organizer when it comes to setting up and setting the standards of excellence for our learn to surf and yoga programmes across the globe. A great surfer himself, Lars is a mad Bayern Munich fan – a winner, visionary and great customer service communicator.


Local beach: Cruz Roja Fuerteventura.

Favourite Weekend Getaway: Surfing, Surfing with the family.

Countries travelled: Indo, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Morocco, Egypt, whole Europe and more.

Favourite travel destination: Maldives for surfing

Favourite Day Trip/Activity you’ve ever done on Holidays: whole day on Rifles – Ments

Next bucket list trip: South Africa – Jeffreys Bay.



Europe Elite Travel Concierge
Irene's Bio
Irene has been working as an Europe Elite Travel Concierge since 2014. She loves to travel and appreciate the beauty of nature around the world. She loves going to the beach, because it gives her so much tranquility and happiness.
Local Beach: Mactan

Favourite Weekend Getaway: Bohol Beaches

Countries Travelled: China, Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Macau, Bali Indonesia

Favourite travel destination: Bali – the beaches are beyond words to describe, full of exciting adventures and romance.

Favourite Day Trip/Activity you’ve ever done on Holidays:

Beginner surf lesson with our awesome surf instructor in Hidden Valley Bali Indonesia (something I wouldn’t imagine in my whole life that I will get to experience). Snorkeling in Bohol Island.

Next bucket list trip: Maldives

Victoria Yeo

Victoria Yeo

UK Office Manager
Victoria's Bio

Victoria joined The Perfect Wave in 2015. Vic was one of the originals when the UK division started and is now the Office Manager of the Newquay office. Victoria has been a Travel Agent for twenty years and uses her experience to tailor make your dream surf trips!


Local beach: Fistral – Newquay

Favourite Weekend Getaway: Cornwall – So many beaches to explore – Over 300. So every weekend can be a different spot.

Countries travelled:  I’ve lived in Greece, Turkey, France, Portugal, Germany, Bali, Los Angeles, New York, Mid West USA, China, Ireland and Spain,

Favourite travel destination: I love snorkelling, being in the water and feeling like you are in your very own massive aquarium! In Bali I was lucky enough to try out surfing on Jimbaran Beach. A great experience.

Favourite Day Trip/Activity you’ve ever done on Holidays:  I love snorkelling and skydiving.

Next bucket list trip:  The Maldives.

Mikko Harma

Mikko Harma

Surf Experience Specialist
Mikko's Bio
Mikko is well known in the Scandinavian surfing community for his guided surfing and yoga charters on the Maldives Best boats. Mikko has run over 100 surf and yoga retreats worldwide and works exclusively with The Perfect Wave Maldives fleet to offer surfers the perfect winter escape, chasing  groundswells wrapping on to idyllic reefs on the Southern and Central Atolls. Combining great value with quality boats and uncrowded waves is the secret to the success of Mikko’s hosted charters.

Oliver Trujillo

Oliver Trujillo

Surf Experience Specialist
Oliver's Bio
Oliver started bodyboarding in the Canary Islands when he was 12 years old. Later, he switched to surfing. He has lots of surfing and travel experience, having done a 1-year trip, and surfing many times in Australia, Hawaii, Indonesia, Samoa, New Zealand, USA and the Maldives. Now he is a father of 2 kids, based back home in the Canary Islands, and helping you search for perfect waves around the Globe.
Local beach: La Turbia (southern Fuerteventura)

Favourite Weekend Getaway: Southern Fuerteventura

Countries travelled: Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, USA, Indonesia, the Maldives

Favourite travel destination: the Maldives

Favourite day trip / activity on holidays: Surfing as much as possible

Next bucket list trip: Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

New Zealand:

Glen Bryant

Glen Bryant

General Manager
Glen's Bio

Glen is a humble, down to earth and experienced surfer who identified a gap in the NZ market for a local surf travel operator, so much so that he was willing to leave behind a successful career in the building industry to ensure Kiwi surfers can enjoy quality, localised customer service when planning their next surf trip. Glen set up The Perfect Wave NZ office in Devon Street East Fitzroy, New Plymouth early in 2016.


Local beach: Fitzroy Beach, New Plymouth, NZ

Favourite Weekend Getaway: Living in Taranaki it is hard to leave behind all the good surf, but I do enjoy a good roady to the East coast of NZ, There is a nice vibe there and more sunshine!. Especially good when the cyclones hit the South Pacific!

Countries travelled: Canada, USA, Fiji, Bali, Australia, Papua New Guinea

Favourite travel destination: Bali is very cool, great climate, friendly people, and the waves are consistently amazing, excellent value as well!

Favourite Day Trip/Activity you’ve ever done on Holidays: Too many to list. Favourite activity is a no brainer, Surfing of course. Day trips would be the surf highway 45

Next bucket list trip: Maldives and Sri-Lanka.

Jarred Hancox

Jarred Hancox

Surf Experience Specialist
Jarred's Bio

Jarred has been surfing for over half of his life (1994 onwards), and spends time in the water nearly every day! Surf-obsessed, he has competed in many NZ contests over the years with some good success, though he didn’t chase the international contest scene, rather he put his time and funds into surf travel and surfing perfect waves in Indonesia. Long stints in Indo, working at G-Land Bobby’s Surf Camp, scoring epic waves in G-Land, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Mentawais and numerous trips to Hawaii are some of his surfing highlights. Jarred is regularly going on surf trips and arranging boat trips for friends old and new, and searching for those Perfect Waves!


Local beach: Fitzroy, New Plymouth, NZ

Favourite Weekend Getaway: Pumping waves down the coast (just 30mins away!)

Countries travelled: Australia, Hawaii, Indonesia, the Maldives

Favourite travel destination: Indonesia

Favourite Day Trip/Activity you’ve ever done on Holidays: Scoring good waves!

Next bucket list trip: Anywhere warm with pumping waves.

Maldives Operations Team:

Ahmed Mauroof (Martey)

Ahmed Mauroof (Martey)

Charter Boat Surf Guide
Martey's Bio

Martey joined TPW in 2010, He is the most experience and knowledgeable local surf guide in the Maldives, serving non stop 20 years as surf guide to Maldives surf industry.
Local beach: Town’s 
Favourite Weekend Getaway: Cokes
Countries travelled: Australia, Sri Lanka, India & Indonesia 
Favourite travel destination: Mentawais 
Favourite Day Trip/Activity you’ve ever done on Holidays:  Surfing
Next bucket list trip: Fiji

Bob Fawcett

Bob Fawcett

The Perfect Wave Maldives Surf Guide
Bob's Bio
Decades of surf travel beginning in the South-west of Australia, then the north west and on to Indonesia, led Bob to the Maldives in 2010. Bob started with The Perfect Wave as a surf guide in 2015 and likes nothing more than chasing good waves for his guests, taking a few photos, and having a laugh and a beer at the end of a good day.

Local beach: Yallingup (Western Australia)

Favourite Weekend Getaway: Anywhere up or down the south-west region in Australia.

Countries travelled: Australia, Indonesia, Maldives

Favourite day trip / activity on holidays: I never get sick of snorkelling in the Maldives.

Next bucket list trip: I would love to try snowboarding in Japan, but I’m always drawn back to the warmth of the tropics. Maybe another Ments trip – I haven’t been for a while.

Ali Liushan

Ali Liushan

General Manager
Ali's Bio
Liushan (Liuttey) joined The Perfect Wave in 2014. Liuttey has over 15 years of experience in diving and surfing industry of the Maldives.

Local beach: Varunula Raalhugandu, Male’.
Favourite Weekend Getaway: Visiting Thulusdhoo Island to surf Randhaa raalhu/Cokes break.
Countries travelled: Sri Lanka, India, South Africa, America, Indonesia, Thailand, China and United Arab Emirates.
Favourite travel destination: Indonesia, Bali.
Favourite Day Trip/Activity you’ve ever done on Holidays: Camping and surfing at Chickens break, Kaafu Atoll Kuda Villingili, Maldives.
Next bucket list trip: To explore and experience Fiji.



The Perfect Wave Maldives Surf Guide
Mishu's Bio
Mishu started working for The Perfect Wave in 2015 as a guide in Kandooma, and has since moved to leading trips on the charter boats. He spent 3 and half years prior to that doing freelance surf and snorkelling trips in the Maldives. Born and raised in the capital of Male’, his love for the waters of his country is only matched by his love for searching for the perfect wave.
Local beach: Male’ / Varunullaa Raalhugandu

Favourite Weekend Getaway: Quiet days at Cokes

Countries travelled: India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Cambodia

Favourite travel destination: Southern Atolls, Maldives

Favourite day trip / activity on holidays: Sleeping till noon and a good surf in the evening.

Next bucket list trip: Road trip down Australia’s coast.

Ahmed Rasheed (Madey)

Ahmed Rasheed (Madey)

Charter Boat Surf Guide
Madey's Bio
Madey joined TPW in early 2019, after working years in the Maldives surf industry as surf guide at Pasta Point. Native of Souther Atolls (Tiger Stripes Island), he has extensive knowledge of the surf in the Maldives.

Local beach: Tiger stripes (Gadhoo Island)
Favourite Weekend Getaway: Five Islands
Favourite travel destination: Australia
Favourite Day Trip/Activity you’ve ever done on Holidays: Surfing
Next bucket list trip: Gold Coast

Stephen Lanfranco

Stephen Lanfranco

Kandooma Head Surf Coach
Stephen's Bio

Stephen (Stevo) joined The Perfect Wave in 2018. Stevo has worked in some pretty amazing surf and ski destinations and has over 20 years experience working in the travel industry. He first started working in the Maldives over 15 years ago as a surf coach and guide and is currently based in the Maldives for most of the year managing the operations at Kandooma. Stevo is a passionate surfer, diver and all round ocean and outdoors man. 
Local beach: Kandooma
Favourite weekend getaway: South coast NSW
Countries travelled: Australia, PNG, Vanuatu, Fiji, New Zealand, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, USA, Canada, Spain, Malta, Switzerland, England, France, Belgium, Slovakia, Czechia, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philipines, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, UAE
Favourite Travel destination: South America
Favourite Day Trip/Activity you’ve ever done on holidays: Riding around Sri Lanka on a Royal Enfield 
Next Bucket list trip: Scandinavia 

Courtney Chambers

Courtney Chambers

Yoga Instructor, Kandooma Guest relations
Courtney's Bio

Courtney is an experienced yoga teacher. She joined The Perfect Wave team in 2019 as the yoga manager at Kandooma. She has a passion for combining her two favourite things – the ocean and yoga and started up the SUP yoga program at Kandooma along with a variety of yoga styles added to the Kandooma yoga program. She works beside her partner Stevo to run the surf and yoga program at Kandooma. 
Local beach: Tamarama
Favourite weekend getaway: Bendalong
Countries travelled: Back in the day she was a flight attendant and lucky enough to visit a lot of countries! 
Favourite destination: Guatemala
Favourite day trip activity/activity you’ve ever done on holidays: Renting a Royal Enfield motorbike and road tripping around Sri Lanka 
Next bucket list trip: Finland



The Perfect Wave Maldives Surf Guide
Ayya's Bio
Ayya started surfing around 1998 at his home break Varunulaa (Towns) in Male’. Since than he has been working very closely with the surf community, especially at Maldives Surfing Association (MSA). He is among only a few qualified surfing and bodyboarding judges in Maldives. Ayya was among one of the judges that worked at the recent 3-6 star WQS events held in Maldives. He also has 15 years of experience in marketing of international surf brands in Maldives.


Local beach: Male’ / Varunulaa Raalhugandu

Favourite Weekend Getaway: Chickens surf break with friends

Countries travelled: India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Bali, Hong Kong, Thailand

Favourite travel destination: Sri Lanka

Favourite day trip / activity on holidays: Family time

Next bucket list trip: Philippines on a road trip.

Global Operations Team:

Rob Underwood

Rob Underwood

Chief Global Surf Guide
Robert's Bio
Rob “Undies” Underwood is everyone’s favourite surf guide. Rob is an extremely experienced and accomplished surfer. He joined The Perfect Wave team in 2012, heading up the Kandooma surf programme in the Maldives for 4 years before heading over to Bali late last year. Rob and his lovely partner Jolie now run the surf into yoga programme and surf guide team at S-Resorts, Hidden Valley, Bali. Before joining The Perfect Wave Rob was chief instructor under for Matty Grainger’s highly successful Manly Surf School.


Local beach: Narrabeen.
Favourite Weekend Getaway: Seal Rocks.
Countries travelled: Indonesia/Thailand/Japan/Usa/Canada/Mexico/Ireland/Holland/New Zealand/Fiji/Maldives/Sri Lanka/Singapore
Favourite travel destination: Mexico
Favourite Day Trip/Activity you’ve ever done on Holidays: Seaplane surf adventure with Donovan Frankenreiter and Jamie Gray Central Atolls, the Maldives.
Next bucket list trip: Costa Rica.

Jolie Manza

Jolie Manza

Global Yoga Guru
Jolie's Bio
Jolie is an international yoga teacher, world traveller and lover of all things surf. Born in the States, she now resides in Bali teaching yoga, leading retreats and showing people the beauty of the island! She connected with The Perfect Wave back in 2014 and has been teaching yoga for TPW on their Maldives and Bali locations!

Local beach: Uluwatu (Bali) and Kandooma Right (the Maldives)

Favourite Weekend Getaway: Balian Beach, up the west coast of Bali!

Countries travelled: Indonesia, Thailand, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Australia, England, Italy, Amsterdam, France, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Caribbean and the US

Favourite day trip / activity on holidays: Exploring private islands in The Maldives… untouched, raw beauty!

Next bucket list trip: South Africa

Indonesia Operations Team:

Marcel Wau

Marcel Wau

Senior Surf Guide - Bali
Marcel's Bio

Marcel is one of the most popular guides in Bali. His stoke is infectious for surfers of all levels. Whether pushing beginners in to rollers on foamies or charging deep barrels at the premier breaks, Marcel loves to share the experience of surfing with his clients.
Born and raised amongst the epic waves of Lagundri Bay, Nias, Marcel has brought his love of life and surfing to Bali where he has been working with The Perfect Wave and S Resorts for the last 4 years.
Local beach: Nias island 
Favorite weekend Nusa Dua (Nikko beach ) 
Countries travelled: Indonesia
Favorite day trip/ activity on holiday: Going for a surfing mission with friends and having an epic time.
Next bucket list trip: Maldives.

Richard Meulet

Richard Meulet

General Manager, S-Resorts Bali

Richard joined the Perfect Wave Team in July 2018 as General Manager S-Resorts Bali.  Prior to moving to Bali, Richard has worked in the Hotel industry for over 24 years, across a variety of roles. He is passionate about the surf and snow, which has taken him to numerous countries over the years.  With a particular love of the Indonesian lifestyle, world-class waves and a passion for providing memorable guest experiences, he finds himself in the perfect role at S-Resorts Bali.

  • Local beach: Uluwatu
  • Favourite Weekend Getaway: Berawa Beach
  • Favourite day trip / activity on holidays: Activities, Surfing, Exploring new countries, Sri Lanka, Africa safari, walking with Rhinos in Zimbabwe! Surfing a great session at J-Bay, Sumatra, South West Coast of France!
  • Next bucket list trip: Phillipines

Agustin Baltzer

Agustin Baltzer

F&B Manager, S-Resorts Bali
Agus' Bio

Agus underwent a huge career change when he was 21: From a business-oriented education into culinary. After 2 years of motivation and hard work, he became a Chef at the restaurant where he started as a cook/helper. Avid traveler, spicy food lover and in constant searc h of the unknown, he ended up on a remote island in Indonesia and later in Bali. Snowboarding and wakeboarding have always been his favourite sports, but now he looks forward to learning surf.


Local beach: Nyang-Nyang, Uluwatu (Bali)

Favourite Weekend Getaway: Diving in Nusa Lembongan.

Countries travelled: Spain, Netherlands, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Croatia, Turkey, USA, Argentina, Russia, Egypt, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia.

Favourite travel destination: Koh Tao, Thailand

Favourite Day Trip/Activity you’ve ever done on Holidays: Basically anything with adrenaline and sun involved.

Next bucket list trip: Cambodia

Daniel Benedet

Daniel Benedet

The Perfect Wave Bali Surf Guide
Daniel's Bio
Daniel has been working at The Perfect Wave in Bali for a few years now, teaching yoga lessons and surf guiding at S-Resorts Bali. Daniel lives and breathes both surfing and yoga, and will be very happy to show you around the best Bali surf spots, or teach you a new yoga move.

Local beach: Uluwatu (Bali)

Favourite Weekend Getaway: Desert Point in Lombok

Countries travelled: Panama, Costa Rica, Brazil, New Zealand, Fiji, all over Indonesia, California, Hawaii, Tahiti, Australia

Favourite day trip / activity on holidays: Surf in the morning with friends, and then chill in the afternoon or hike up to a local waterfall.

Next bucket list trip: Searching for a new perfect wave somewhere in Indonesia