This chain of islands between Simeulue and Nias is known for dealing out a user-friendly dose of typical Indonesian perfection. The Indonesian dry season produces the best southwest swells that is the fuel for the mechanical perfection. The dreamy right at Treasure Island is the most loved, but the series of lefts and rights inside the aptly named Bay of Plenty is another favorite. Access to the Banyaks isn’t easy, so a charter boat is the best option and most leave from Simeulue, Sibolga or Nias. There’s a no small effort in getting there, but empty waves and a rare frontier feeling are worthy rewards.

What we love

Relatively uncrowded waves

Experienced boat operators

Long surf season

World-class wave options

When to go

Peak season is the Southern Hemisphere winter from June to September, which provides the most consistent swells and prevailing southeast winds that the best waves enjoy. Increasingly though the shoulder and off seasons are becoming popular with return visitors who enjoy the glassier conditions, smaller swells, and less crowds.


We’ll be honest, the Banyaks’ main attractions are the uncrowded waves and variety of reefs. A boat trip however to this part of the world can also involve walks through untouched natural rainforest, plenty of wildlife watching, epic Sumatran sunsets and awesome fishing and diving.

The Country

With over 255 million people, Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populated country. Consisting of thousands of islands, Indonesia is rich with tropical oceans, delicious fruits, and impressive volcanoes. Even with the nation’s large population, there are many opportunities to escape the crowds by visiting the country’s outer islands, rainforests, and beaches.  Over the millennia, Indonesia has been controlled by many world superpowers – including the Dutch, French, British, and Portuguese. Since the end of World War II, Indonesia has remained a free nation with a constitutional government. Because of this diverse history, Indonesia has a unique blend of island culture, Western Colonialism, and Islamic lifestyle – making it a unique experience for any world traveller. If you enjoy respectfully meeting new people, you will undoubtedly find the people to be as beautiful as the oceans.

Getting There

The Sumatra capital of Medan (KNO) is the gateway to the Banyaks. It is accessible from cities including Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Denpasar and Surabaya. From there it’s a short domestic flight to Sibolga where upon landing you board a charter boat and sail overnight to wake up in the Banyaks.

Travel Information

Time Zone

GMT +7


Indonesian Rupiah

Calling code



230V -Plug type C, F