Seriti - Banyak Islands

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for 11 nights


Group - Surf Charter
Solo Travellers

Intermediate Waves

Surf Skill

Intermediate - Pro

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AU$356 - AU$423 per night


March, April, June, July, August, September, October, November, May

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Shortboarders, Longboarders


Every surfer should score the epic waves in the Banyak at least once in their life. These islands are north of the Mentawai, thus receiving the same swell. The region is getting more popular these days, but you can be assured that Seriti team have been running charters in this area for a long time. The team have lots of experience and knowledge about all the spots. Seriti is a massive, spacious boat captained by its owner, Katsuyoshi. Whether you are looking for fun waves or challenging, hollow barrels, you can get them in the Banyak Islands.
Quick Facts
    • max. 12 surfers
    • great variety of waves
    • experienced crew
    • relatively uncrowded
    • big, spacious boat
    • photo service
    • great food

The Banyaks Islands in Indonesia are located approximately 60 miles off the northwest coast of Sumatra. There are two main islands in the Banyaks, one being Treasure Island and the Bay of Plenty Island, hiding perfectly-aligned breaks waiting to be discovered. The Banyaks have hidden treasures of unnamed deep barrels and fast, hollow down-the-line peelers, perfect peaks and long cruising walls… something for everyone.


Cruise the Islands in the comfort of air-conditioning and surf quality waves aboard the Surf Banyak II - Seriti: a US-built, Indonesian-flagged 25m aluminium crew boat that has been newly customised for surf charter operation.


Captain and the crew

The mighty Seriti is owned and captained by Katsuyoshi Suzuki. Suzuki an Indo’ surf pioneer who has been running surf charters out of North Sumatra for over 15 years. His experience and Knowledge of the Banyak Islands surf breaks is second to none, and his intent to locate our guests at the best break in the area, given current weather/ swell conditions is his number one priority.


Suzuki’s working relationship with his crew of 5 Indonesian nationals, a New Zealander Surf Guide/ First Mate and also onboard photographer is professional and respectful. The Seriti runs like a well oiled machine, while guests can relax and enjoy the trip with their only concern being which board to ride in the next surf session.


Suzuki, being owner and operator ensures that the Seriti is functioning to the best of her capability, from the generous and tasty meals prepared by our skilled and hard working cook Sam, to Brenson the most experience of our Indonesian crew, who works tirelessly shuttling guests back and forth from breaks, dive or fishing locations. Our skilled team onboard the Seriti undertake many important duties, seeming unnoticed by our guests, which ensures their experience with us is a safe unforgettable one.

Surf Breaks

The waves in the Banyaks are generally in the head-high to double-overhead range. There are places that handle three-four times overhead conditions. Generally, most people bring a standard shortboard and something with an extra couple of inches, but it never hurts to be prepared for a bigger day, especially in August, which is peak swell season. Trips often pass without guests needing their longboard, but if you're keen to give the big stuff a try, then you won't want to leave it at home.


  • Treasure Island - Known to be one of the best right-hand point breaks in Indo, consistently offering up to four mesmerising barrels a wave with a nice almond-shaped ripable face. This is one of the jewels in the crown of sheer Indo perfection running a few hundred yards down a perfectly shaped reef. Always a favourite amongst guests as it satisfies all abilities. A taste of “Treasures” has you hooked for years to come. 
  • Indies 1 & 2 - “Indies” get their names as being the outside breaks and indicators for “Treasures”. These two waves are for the experienced only and produce heart-pumping barrels over shallow reef. The bigger the swell the better! 
  • Minis - Located deep in the bay, Minis is a playful right which peaks up offering a short barrel and workable face which starts working on larger swells as it picks up half the swell of Treasure Island. 
  • Gorillas - An untamed right-hand beast that is rarely surfed and will sort out anyone’s ego. If you are keen- make sure you pack your peanuts! 
  • Cobra - A world-class left-hander which can produce an epic 8-10 second barrel or nice ripable face depending on swell direction. Cobra’s clean blue lines peel down the reef into a channel, which can provide a perfect photo opportunity. 
  • Warrens - A fun right-hand peak opposite Cobra’s breaking over a combination of reef and sand which can finish on the beautiful white sandy beach. 
  • Turtles - A fun, playful left-hand peak which peels along finishing on the beautiful white sandy beach. A great take-off and workable wall which depending on swell direction can produce a nice barrel also. 
  • Clarets - A beautiful long left-hand point which peels down the line offering a perfect open workable face. You will be able to perfect your big carving turns or hunt out the inside barrels. 
  • Joysticks - A super fun right-hand peak which produces a perfect barrel on the take-off going into a nice wall for some turns. If you have enough speed you can link up into the inside bowl for a nice long ride. 
  • Toytown Lefts - A perfectly shaped peeling left located deep in the bay which starts to work on larger swells. You can cruise down the line or hit the lip over and over again. 
  • The Pig - A deep water right-hand break exposed to all possible swell. Rarely below head-high and will give you some exhilarating drops and big open faces. 
  • Migilas - Located inside of “The Pig”, Migila’s is a right-hand peak with a short perfect barrel on take-off and peels off slowly to the beach. 
  • Lizard's Nest - Somewhat fickle but if the conditions come together you will experience one of the best waves in Indo. Known to produce a magic 10-second barrel and any of those who have seen or surfed it are simply awe-struck.

The Seriti sleeps up to 14 people: there are 2 king double beds (for couples) and 10 king single beds. Seriti normally takes up to 12 surfers, but if you have a group of 14 that includes 2 couples, they can easily and comfortably accommodate that.

Spacious and comfortable, it features:

  • an air conditioned saloon with two large sofas, tables and 
  • TV/video/music entertainment area. 
  • At the rear of the boat is a huge deck area covered in UV-protective shade cloth where you can chill out and watch the action in the water.


It has 3 x 525hp Detroit V12 Turbo Intercooled main engines running at a maximum speed of 20 knots (cruising speed 10 knots).

Tender: A 6.2m tender with a 40Hp outboard on it.  They also have an inflateble backup.

There is a Canon EOS 5D camera to capture quality pictures to take home and make all your friends envious of your surfing adventure.

The Seriti is one of the safest charters operating in Indonesia, with a full suite of equipment including:

  • life rafts and life jackets, 
  • smoke detectors, 
  • EPIRB; 
  • CO2 emergency fire system; 
  • VHF and SSB radios, 
  • satelite telephone, and 
  • 10,000 litre fresh water tank. 
  • Return transfers from Simelue
  • 3 meals per day
  • Snacks
  • Free soft drinks, juices and isotonic drinks
Not Included
  • International flights to Medan
  • Domestic flights from Medan to Simeulue 
  • Meet & greet at Medan and Simeulue airport with transfers to domestic flights
  • Accommodation in Medan at end of trip (if required)

Note - Your Perfect Wave consultant will include these essentials into your quote, and we will be more than happy to package your international flights as well.
19 Mar 2020 03 Apr 2020 Surf Charter 15 nights 0 -
06 Apr 2020 17 Apr 2020 Surf Charter 11 nights 10 AU$3,918

Individuals Welcome!

20 Apr 2020 01 May 2020 Surf Charter 11 nights 5 AU$4,187

Individuals Welcome!

04 May 2020 15 May 2020 Surf Charter 11 nights 5 AU$4,649

Individuals Welcome!

18 May 2020 29 May 2020 Surf Charter 11 nights 0 -
01 Jun 2020 12 Jun 2020 Surf Charter 11 nights 12 AU$4,649
15 Jun 2020 26 Jun 2020 Surf Charter 11 nights 12 AU$4,649
29 Jun 2020 10 Jul 2020 Surf Charter 11 nights 0 -
13 Jul 2020 24 Jul 2020 Surf Charter 11 nights 0 -
27 Jul 2020 07 Aug 2020 Surf Charter 11 nights 0 -
10 Aug 2020 21 Aug 2020 Surf Charter 11 nights 0 -
24 Aug 2020 04 Sep 2020 Surf Charter 11 nights 7 AU$4,649

Individuals Welcome!

07 Sep 2020 18 Sep 2020 Surf Charter 11 nights 12 AU$4,649
21 Sep 2020 02 Oct 2020 Surf Charter 11 nights 0 -
05 Oct 2020 16 Oct 2020 Surf Charter 11 nights 12 AU$4,351
19 Oct 2020 30 Oct 2020 Surf Charter 11 nights 12 AU$4,351
02 Nov 2020 18 Nov 2020 Surf Charter 16 nights 12 AU$4,351
Banyaks, Aceh, Phuket
  • Price is per person and subject to foreign exchange fluctuations.
  • Price is based on 12 persons exclusive charter
  • All trips include 10 surfing days.
  • Recommended transfers from Medan are US$400 per person. Medan hotel (if needed) is extra. 
  • Please click Enquire Online to email us, or call us to speak with one of our friendly surf experience specialists.


The Perfection Pass Membership Benefits:

The Perfection Pass is the world’s first surf travel loyalty program. If you are a repeat client of The Perfect Wave, please apply for your membership and enjoy the following extra inclusions if you book a trip on board the Seriti Surf Charter:

  • A complimentary bottle of spirit


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Other Surf Experiences

Stephen Holland, OAM, International Swimming Hall of Famer (July 2018)

I’d like to thank the crew of Seriti. We just finished a trip with Suzuki and Bruno and we had a blast! The best experience for chasing waves I’ve ever had: the boat, the crew, the location… Awesome, thanks to all. The whole deal was so professional, and had clockwork timing 👍 take a bow boys, great job.

David (August 2015)
Too easy! We were met in Medan and Suzuki was right onto it, us and our boards were in the water right on time.
The operators are experienced, really safe boat.
If you have the time and the money, do it.
If you don't have time make some!

Jason (August 2015)
Everything about the service and information provided was awesome! Nothing was too difficult or a hassle and will gladly recommend you guys

Peter (April 2015)
Overall trip I enjoyed it cause i went there for 1 reason and that was to practice my surfing and i improved heaps within the 10 days we had out sea and the surf was only 2 to 3ft and last couple of days were a bit bigger.Also i enjoyed food, fishing and spear fishing and my 1st surf trip ever and it was awesome to have a good bunch of guys on board as well which made it even better.


Many thanks for your email, Drew and I had a great time on the boat, plenty of waves as our boat was the only one up there, Mike the skipper and his staff was fantastic, great food, he got us great waves, the boat was great, good fishing etc.


The crew were very accomodating and did a great job of looking after us. Especially with food and reef injuries! The Captain did his best to find us good waves under trying conditions. Thanks for a great time!