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WavePark is a beautiful, intimate resort catering to maximum 12 surfers just near Hideaways break in the North Mentawai region near the Playgrounds area. They are a very professionally run surf resort with the best breaks right at your door. Wavepark’s package includes return Padang to resort transfers by speedboat for your convenience. The bungalows are less than 20m from the beach. Hideaways can be reached with a 5 minute walk up the jungle track, and a 5 minute paddle out around the reef. If Hideaways isn't breaking, speedboat transportation is available at all times to any of the other waves in the WavePark area.
Quick Facts

      • max 12 surfers
      • 21 surf breaks nearby
      • suits all levels
      • experienced surf guides
      • just 4 hours from Padang
      • 20m from the beach
      • beautiful bungalows
      • full-time resort photographer
      • fully stocked bar

In 1998, WavePark Mentawai Surf Resort opened for guests and has been running strong ever since. With a maximum capacity of 14 people (maximum 12 surfers), the WavePark Mentawai surf resort guests have the entire island for their exclusive use.

WavePark is located in northern Mentawai near the Playgrounds anchorage, and from there you can access 21 different surf breaks from beginner to intermediate and advanced. Their guides have combined 20 years of experience searching out waves in the area and getting to know the weather conditions. They have access to the greatest selection of waves for the most varying degrees of skill in the entire Mentawai Archipelago.

The resort is built in the local style with palm thatched roofing and hard wood floors. They are government licensed to operate as an exclusive resort in the Mentawai islands until 2023, one of only 3 resorts in the world with this distinction.


You are transported from Padang to the island (4 hours one way) by WavePark's own speedboat, KM Sampan Baru.

The bungalows are designed to accommodate a family of 4, two in a private bedroom, and 2 in a shared living room space.  Wherever possible, or upon special request, bungalows are used for only 2 guests at a time with priority going to returning guests. The bungalows have an indoor/outdoor bathroom, complete with a double marble vanity, a couple's shower with hot/cold water and a western style toilet.  The bungalows are a stone's throw from the waters’ edge, and each is complete with twin reclining chaise lounge chairs for sitting on the beach in comfort. Hideaways break is visible from your verandah and from most of the beds in the bungalows!

The bungalows are less than 20m from the beach. Hideaways can be reached with a 5 minute walk up the jungle track, and a 5 minute paddle out around the reef. If Hideaways isn't breaking, speedboat transportation is available at all times to any of the other waves in the WavePark area.

Linen, mosquito nets and bath towels are provided for all guests. You should take your own beach towel.


  • 30 KVA and 2 x 20KVA generators with 5 and 3 KVA backups.
  • Mentawai's first fully stocked bar, SaBar.
  • 410 ltr and 3 x 200 ltr refrigerators and freezers.
  • Floor and ceiling fans operating day and night.
  • Camcorder/CD Battery charging equipment**.
  • DVD player, TV, and surround sound speakers, iPod friendly connections.
  • Satellite telephone with international access.
  • Internet facilities for e-mail and online browsing.
  • International regulation size pool and ping-pong tables.
  • 55" flat screen TV.
  • VHF back up radio communication with charter boats and mainland Siberut.
  • Full-time resort photographer.
Surf & Other Activities

Surf Breaks: 

  • Pit Stops - This is the right off the peak at E-Bay. A playful right that can offer some cover-ups off the take-off, but mostly a high performance wave with air sections at the end. Ends in a sandy channel. 
  • Burgerworld - This is a mushy pointbreak righthander. Can offer barrels at times, but usually long rippable walls with many cutback sections. 
  • Hideaways - A very hollow left that can be very shallow at low tides. The waves come out of deep water, then unload on a shallow section of reef before barreling towards the channel. 
  • Bank Vaults - A heavy righthander that barrels and spits. Usually larger than most spots in the area. Watch out for clean-up sets. 
  • E-Bay - This is a hollow left that barrels off the take-off with a short wall down the line. A great option when a lot of swell is hitting. 
  • Rifles - One of the best waves in the Mentawais. A very long righthander that wraps around the other side of the same island as No Kanduis. Rarely makeable from start to finish, but even just from section to section you can get rides up to 100 yards or longer. Nice and hollow once it’s a few feet overhead, but usually more sectiony at smaller sizes. 
  • Trekking - They organize Mentawai trekking and hiking adventures for cultural sharing and family fun. 
  • Kayak - Explore the Mentawai lagoons and oceans with kayaks. 
  • SUP - Wavepark Mentawai has stand up paddle boards for the use of our guests. 
  • Snorkelling - WavePark Mentawai Resort has all the gear necessary to get you in the water and enjoy the beautiful reefs and fish surrounding the island. 

There are lots more waves out in the islands that work on different swells and tides.


If you are a keen fisherman, you need to bring your own lures. They have some equipment, but it is limited and very basic. Use of the speedboat for hand line fishing off the reef, or trawling for the big ones is included in the price.

Generally speaking, the best time to trawl the reefs is early in the evening.  If a speedboat is available, they leave at 17.30 with a cooler full of beers and sodas, and head out to the east coast of the island, where the fishing is best.

Trevali, dog-tooth tuna, wahoo, spanish mackerel, barracuda, coral trout, yellowfin tuna, mahi mahi, rainbow runner, sharks and sailfish are all caught within a 10 minute trawl of the island.

The crew is well-trained with the gaff hook, and the kitchen is prepared to get that fish in your gullet.  Sashimi, sushi, ceviche, barbequed, sauteed, steamed or fried. The chefs love to cook your fish the way you imagine it.

Room type
Travel dates
7 nights 8 Days Package (early/late season) Bungalow AU$2,388 Per person 03 Mar-18 Mar, 03 Nov-17 Nov
7 nights 8 Days Package (early/late season) Bungalow AU$2,388 Per person 17 Nov-03 Mar
9 nights 10 Days Package (regular season) Bungalow AU$3,657 Per person 18 Mar-03 Nov
  • Price is per person and is subject to foreign exchange fluctuations until paid in full.
  • Trips 3 - 18 Mar and 3 - 17 Nov: 4 guests minimum booking.
  • There is a fixed transfer schedule to and from the island. Please ask us about specific dates and booking schedule for the resort.
  • These are example packages and most packages can be adjusted to cater for your individual requirements. Please contact us for a tailored package to meet your needs.
  • Please click "Enquire Here" or "On Special" to email us or call us to speak with one of our friendly surf travel specialists. 
  • Every surfer visiting the Mentawai is required to pay the Mentawai Regional Government Surfer Tax of IDR 1,000,000 for 15 days surfing in the region. This is normally paid on arrival in cash (Indonesian Rupiah) and collected by the local operator before departing Padang. You will be issued a wristband with dates. Please ensure you have this for your entire stay in the Mentawai.


All-inclusive Package includes:

  • Transfers between the Padang airport and hotel in Padang for you and all your luggage in air conditioned comfort
  • Tour guide while in Padang, on call 24/7
  • Accommodation in one of 6 WavePark bungalows
  • Guided surfing and fishing speedboat service all day, everyday 
  • 3 meals a day and resort-provided drinks, such as cordial, iced tea, fresh ginger lemon grass, and fresh coconut water
  • Exclusive use of entire private island, which has a maximum capacity of 12 guests at a time
  • All WavePark facilities, including ping pong and pool games room, photography platforms, frisbee golf course, and TV/DVD/Digital projector
  • Guided activities including snorkeling trips, fishing excursions, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking and guided coconut plantation tours
  • Access to extras such as massage services, full bar, satellite telephone, recording studio, wireless high speed internet, and a full-time resort photographer
  • Access to surfing further afield in Telescopes, Scarecrows, and Icelands (Regular season only)
  • Hotel & Restaurant Tax (10%)



  • International flights to and from Padang
  • Luggage porter services
  • Padang – Mentawai – Padang speedboat transfer ($500 USD)
  • Any transport aside from airport – hotel – harbor
  • Alcoholic drinks and canned beverages
  • Food and hotel accommodation while staying in Padang
  • Every surfer visiting the Mentawai is required to pay the Mentawai Regional Government Surfer Tax of IDR 1,000,000 for 15 days surfing in the region. This is normally paid on arrival in cash (Indonesian Rupiah) and collected by the local operator before departing Padang. You will be issued a wristband with dates. Please ensure you have this for your entire stay in the Mentawai.


Disclaimer - This surf trip is an independent surf operator and is not part of or in partnership with The Perfect Wave Travel Co. The Perfect Wave acts as an agent only. We sell various travel related products on behalf of numerous transport, accommodation and other service providers, such as airlines, land based accommodation and boat charter operators. The Perfect Waves obligation is to make travel bookings on your behalf and to arrange relevant contracts between you and travel service providers. The Perfect Wave has no responsibility for these services nor do we make or give any warranty of representation regarding their standards. All bookings are made subject to the terms and conditions and limitations of liability imposed by these service providers.

Other Surf Experiences

Matt (March 2015)
Thanks for all your help in organising our trip. Although it had its teething problems in the planning it all came together to create a fantastic experience. I couldn’t speak highly enough of the Wave Park Mentawai camp and team. From being met at the airport in Padang and then looked after by Irene who was going out of her way to make sure everything was to our satisfaction to our surf guides having an intimate knowledge of local conditions and waves it exceeded my expectations.

Wave Park Mentawai
Food – fantastic
Accommodation – unbelievable
Service – nothing was ever too hard
Waves – I have been surfing for over 40 years and I have had some good waves at times but never have I had seven days of consistently good surf in warm water with only a few people out. I should have done it years ago.

Thanks for being part it.


Wavepark was a great operator. All staff had excellent experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for their respective roles, which ensured everyone had a great trip. I felt like everything had been thought of, well organised and sound contingencies. The bungalows were perfect. We were led to the best surf options and fed awesome food. I would love to return if i can, and from what i experienced i would pick wavepark over any other operator in the playgrounds region.

Experience Begun: July 2013
Created on: Thursday 8 August 2013

Hi Charlie, We had a great trip thanks. Didn't quite get an epic big swell but the boys made sure we had good waves everyday and there were some really good days in the mix, so still up there as one of my best surf trips (plus they always found some mellow options for my mate Steve). Wave park and their crew were excellent - couldn't really fault them on anything. As long as they maintain the same good staff and management I'd go back there for sure if i can get the time, money and leave pass from the wife again.Thanks mate - hope you had a good trip to Fiji.Ben

Experience Begun: July 2013
Created on: Thursday 25 July 2013

Hi Rhonda, Thanks for the inquiry, we all had an amazing time. Wavepark resort is perfect. Christie had his first holiday where he left the understudies in charge and they were great.Shane the main guide was very experienced and in command, at the same time they were all very easy going and nothing was a problem for them.Accommodation, food and service were great. We had great waves every day and most times had a wave to ourselves.Most important, no one was hurt too badly or sick. There were the inevitable reef scratches (Mentawai tigers) but nothing serious.Sooooo happy we chose to go there. Thanks for all your help.

Experience Begun: July 2012
Created on: Thursday 2 August 2012

Hi RhondaA great time was had by all, enhanced even more by our hosts at Wavepark, who had no issues in tracking around the islands in search of good and uncrowded surf. Compliments to the cooks as well who over the 10 day period, didn’t serve the same meal twice.The accommodation was unbelievable considering the remoteness, when compared to my last trip 30 years ago to Nias, the only common theme was a roof and a mossie net. Hot showers and electricity what a god send!Everything went like clock work getting to and from Wavepark and your help and assistance was much appreciated.Gladly recommend you to others and have no hesitation in calling on you again next surf venture. Time frame subject to accumulation of brownie points at home.

Experience Begun: July 2012
Created on: Friday 3 August 2012

Hi RhondaIt was a great trip, good waves & the Wavepark crew were fantastic hosts. Can't wait to do it again. Thanks for all your help.

Experience Begun: July 2012
Created on: Wednesday 1 August 2012

Jamie Gray and the Perfect Wave team did a great job in organizing our group trip to Wavepark. On arrival in Padang everything was taken care of by a friendly team from Wavepark and the trip out to the Mentawaii's on the Korabi (Wavepark's boat) was awesome - dolphins, flying fish and epic scenery.Wavepark itself is something else - very unique, unspoilt and run by a top guy, Christie Carter who has put together a terrific team of friendly, low key people who bend over backwards to make guests feel at home. The waves, food, facilities and environment are first rate and the local Mentawiians that we met are super friendly folks. Everyone in our group had an awesome time and I can't wait to get back there with my family some day!All in all a brilliant trip - well organised and professionally managed by The Perfect Wave and the Wavepark crew. Thanks to all!

Experience Begun: May 2012
Created on: Thursday 26 July 2012

Hi Jamie! Had a great trip. WavePark was absolutely fantastic. I feel that this is a better way to go rather than a boat trip, you can escape from each other if required.The food was second to none. One of the surf guides is a trained chef and had trained up some of the local women to cook perfectly. A mixture of western and local cuisine but mostly local. and a sumbal to die for (and again the next day).Plenty of waves to choose from to suit most levels, intermediate to extreme.It's been my best surf trip yet but unfortunately I will not be able to a pass like this for at least 2 years.Just one comment, the resort only really sleeps 12, which we had.Cheers Tony

Experience Begun: March 2012
Created on: Monday 16 April 2012

Hi Jamie Just to let you know that we had a great time!The resort is... just that... A RESORT! I could not fault it the accommodation fantastic to come back from the surf and to have a hot shower was great. The beds were really comfy good matresses, mozzie nets that worked a treat.The food fantastic (I am a bugger with food as not a good eater) but every meal here was great - Shane is really good. Cristie and Alice great people, nothing a problem: want another boat to go the opposite direction to the other boat for some different waves, no worries grabbed a crew and away you go! We had some great days with 2 surfs a day Big Bankvaults to small Pistols, Tickys, Bang Bangs and even Burger World.You don't need a thing as they have it all there- fishing, Snorkeling, towels, first aid... you name it they have it covered.Thanks for the trip and let them know we had a great time! Highly recommend this place.

Experience Begun: March 2012
Created on: Wednesday 11 April 2012

Christie & Alice,Am sitting in Jakarta waiting for my flight home looking at the photographs from the last 22 days … What an extraordinary trip & experience!You guys & your team were just fantastic, nothing was ever too hard & in many ways, felt like 1 big happy family in the way everyone interacted with each other. Whether we were at the bar, in the boat or out the back catching waves.As an old man (40 this month!) & this being my first Mentawai Island trip, I was inspired by so many of your ‘older’ guests who are still both charging & coming back year, after year, after year.Credit to you both … you have created a paradise … from the accommodation we stayed in to the culture of your people.Hope my running shoes that I left behind are put to great use & one of the local boys beats my island running record (1st lap 25:05, 2nd lap 23:35 = total 48:41 ).My love of surfing & travel has been re-ignited … Thanks for being the catalyst.CheersSimon

Experience Begun: October 2010
Created on: Tuesday 23 November 2010

You couldn't ask for better surf guides than those at WavePark Mentawai. They'll take you where the waves are! They speak fluent Indonesian and English, their surfing abilities are incredible and they respect and ARE respected by the Mentawai people. As for the waves - I'll tell you this, I was thanking them 3 times a day through my whole trip (21 days) for giving me the best waves of my life! It is a sick experience and I am returning to have another WavePark Mentawai holiday in April of 2009! See Ya in Indo,Tom Brubaker

Experience Begun: April 2008
Created on: Tuesday 23 November 2010

No photo, video or written article could possible prepare you for the entire WavePark experience. Being on a 27 foot single tree dug-out canoe, out in the middle of the Indian Ocean, feeling the undulating swells against the hull, and watching these pristine, glassy and EMPTY waves rolling onto shallow coral reefs, exploding into perfect barrels, sounding like both the crackling of lightening and the roar of thunder. This is something you need to personally experience to believe. As a southern Californian female surfer with my husband and two close friends, who have all been water people for many years, we were overwhelmed by the beauty and splendour of not only the waves, but the islands and their pristine waters and reefs. The Indonesian people are incredibly friendly and welcome Westerners. We often thought, how wonderful to live such a simple, uncomplicated life in a surfer's utopia. I can honestly say, this was the BEST experience of my life, and came back a changed person. Someone with new aspirations and goals, a new stoke on surfing and getting better, in many ways. I also returned with a lot of new friends who will remain very dear to me. I only hope the more people that visit and fall in love with WavePark, the more they will want to preserve it, as I do. A Fellow Wave Lover aka / She Urchin Barbara Elsner

Experience Begun: June 2009
Created on: Tuesday 23 November 2010

I have stayed at Wavepark, in August 2007 and March 2008. Both trips to Wavepark have been excellent value! There are heaps of waves in the playgrounds area which work on different winds and swell directions. There is just about always surf to be had somewhere. The winds often change during the day making it offshore at different spots. In my view Christie and his crew have the local conditions wired. There are usually 2 trips per day to wherever they think its on. Each trip is an adventure in itself, jumping in the indo style speedboat to surf new spots with a few of your mates. Plus there is the reef called Hideaways on the island which regularly produces classic lefts. We have found that with a little effort you can usually end up scoring some great indo surf to yourself. Food and accommodation on the island are pretty cool with plenty of places to rest and refuel between sessions. Once you get surfed out, you can dive, fish, watch movies, read books, go exploring, or whatever you like on the island. Each night you can have a few beers and view the surfing photos that Christie’s wife Alice has taken during the day. I highly recommend Wavepark to anyone who wants a quality Indonesian surf trip where you can enjoy some great waves and create unforgettable memories with a few mates.Michael McCall

Experience Begun: March 2008
Created on: Tuesday 23 November 2010