“When a Once-In-A-Lifetime opportunity presents, we go all-out to create shared memories that will stay with us forever!”

We are by nature a gang of explorers constantly in search of the perfect wave. We dont need many reasons to travel, but when a ready-made reason like a significant date appears in the calendar, it is all that is required to start planning and dreaming for that next trip! Whether we are planning a birthday bash at S-Resorts, a family celebration (with surfboards) at Kandooma, a surf charter with friends to the Mentawai, or sharing a Surf Music In Paradise festival with our favourite artists, we surfers can always find a reason to combine our need for waves with our plans for a life-well-lived.


As The Perfect Wave Ambassador and 1988 World Surfing Champion Barton Lynch puts it, “We need to clock up as much tube time as possible whilst our bodies still can.” So as we get older and the work family life balance consumes more and more of our time, milestones become even more important.

Milestones play a big part in our individual journey to achieve self-actualization. Our important life milestones almost always help us grow, or change who we are as a person in some significant way. There are many milestones that matter – like a memorable 40’th, 50’th or 60’th birthday with close friends. Perhaps a big anniversary with your partner to be shared with the kids and even grandkids! Creating unbeatable life memories is perhaps the most enjoyable challenge in life!


Getting a crew together that you have surfed with for years, or indeed decades is important, it is also a hell of a lot of fun.


At The Perfect Wave we know what works for groups and families, so get in touch!


What better than sharing time with the whole clan! Bring together the kids (even if they’re now adults) and their partners, plus any grand kids too. Maybe the Aunts and Uncles and those annoying cousins. Get a few villas or a luxury charter boat and spend a week under the sun enjoying great food, fun waves, and forging unforgettable family memories.


Got a big number coming up – consider it an automatic leave pass! Even better – give your mates a leave pass too – now turn it in to a trip worthy of the occasion! You, the crew, a boat all to yourselves, copious drinks, unlimited surfing and laughter so hard it hurts.


Gather your best girlfriends together for an ultra special birthday celebration, one that will provide you with fond memories for a lifetime. Get your besties together for that special birthday, school or college reunion. Bypass Byron, The Gold Coast or the Hunter Valley and book a Maldives or Mentawai charter instead. Alternatively, view our plethora of epic land based surf resorts.


If you’ve got a Once-In-A-Lifetime opportunity for a memorable milestone, let us go all-out to create shared memories that will stay with you forever!