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Sri Lanka

Positioned just south of India in the Indian Ocean you'll find a land of magnificent landscapes with lagoons, fertile wetlands, mysterious forests, mountains, rivers and cascading waterfalls. Sri Lanka has an array of wildlife found in no other ecosystem, inspiring historical and religious sites, and a culture rich in tradition.

Sri Lanka is a year round surfing destination due to the monsoon seasons at different times of the year. Both Arugam Bay and Hikkaduwa host international surfing events annually. November to April brings morning offshore winds to the western side, centred around Hikkaduwa, where beach and reefs dominate. May to October brings the same conditions to the east centred around Arugam Bay. Here the occasional reef and a profusion of long, sand points offer relatively unchallenging but consistent waves. The waves here are from the same swells which regularly sweep up the Indian Ocean.

Offering quality waves, Sri Lanka’s south and south-west coastline is a haven for surfers but predominately catering to lower and medium budgets. There is currently not much available for the discerning traveller looking for luxurious and developed resort areas.

Season & Weather

Sri Lanka can be divided into two seasons, November to April and May to October. Different parts of the country having better surf conditions during different times of the year. During the months of November to April, the best area of the country to be surfing is the south-west coastline with Hikkaduwa being the main surf area at this time of year. During the months of May to October the best part of the country is the east coast, with Arugam Bay being the main surf area at this time of year. While the monsoon is pounding the west coast, the endless beaches on the opposite side of the island stretch out under the blazing sun.

For optimum weather it is best to visit Sri Lanka between the rainy seasons. November to April is generally the driest time of year in the south west and hills area of the country and May to September is the driest time for the east.

For consistent swells May to October is the time to head over to the east coast of Arugam Bay area, but keep an eye out for onshore winds which can be a bit unpredictable at this time, so head out first thing in the morning to maximise the chances of offshore winds. During the season, you can expect swells from 2-6ft year round.



Arugam Bay & East Coast

Hikkaduwa & South/West Coast

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