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Indonesia is literally the centre of the surfing universe. It has an array of surf charter boats and resorts which enable you to find your perfect wave. It has quality consistent all year round waves for every level of surfer and it caters for every budget. There’s so much to do for singles, groups, couples and families in Indonesia.

The more adventurous can do a short island hop from Bali to Nusa Lembongan or Lombok. They are really easily accessible now by boat or short plane trip. You can choose between boats, camps, villas and resorts in Mentawai IslandsBaliNorth and South SumatraJavaSumba or Sumbawa.


Indonesian Favourites


The Mentawai Island chain lies approximately 130 km’s west of Sumatra and is accessed via Padang. It hosts some of the best breaks in the world such as HT’s (Lances Right), Macaronis and Telescopes. You can now access the islands by staying on an amazing range of surf charter boats and surf resorts..

Whilst there’s a popular belief that the Mentawai are only for advanced and professional surfers, there are an amazing array of waves for intermediates and even some great options to learn to surf. The Perfect Wave run the only learn to surf program in the Mentawai at Aloita Surf Resort where there is a perfect learning wave on the island.



Bali is one of the world’s best surf destinations for many reasons. It caters for every level of surfer and budget, has an amazing culture and year round tropical temperatures. You can stay in a really great value surf camp or luxury style villa. If you want to party and surf, stay close to Kuta, Legian & Seminyak. If you want easy access to some of the most consistent and best breaks in the world stay on the Bukit peninsula near Uluwatu or Padang Padang. If you are looking for a bit of sophistication with good access to waves, shops and restaurants then Semiyak is a great option. Or if you want to get away from it all and experience Bali the way it was 20 years ago, head up to Balian or Medawi.

Whilst Mentawai and Bali are the two most popular Indonesian surf destinations, we also tailor trips to suit any budget or surfer level to Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumatra, Sumba, Nias, Central and West Java, Timor and Roti.

Our Indo packages include:

  • Surf camps – For people who want to surf on a budget and meet like-minded people. There are great learn to surf and surf guiding packages available.
  • Five-star resorts – Surf in luxury, great for couples, families and those wishing to be pampered whilst surfing amazing waves.
  • Bali Villas – Live the Bali way and get yourself a luxury villa and spoil yourself with your own self-contained home eqipped with your own butler and chef. These aren’t expensive and are perfect for families and groups.
  • Surf charter boats – A great way to access lots of different breaks. There are budget and luxury boat options and it’s not just for hardcore surfers. There are great intermediate waves also.
Season & Weather

There are two seasons in Indonesia. What’s considered the main surf season is dry season which runs from April to October when south east trade winds blow offshore and generally groom western and southwest set ups. BaliLombokSumbawaNorth and South SumatraMentawaiSumbaJavaTimor and Roti all fire in this season. The weather is pretty consistent with water temps over 27C and average air temps of 30C. There is still some rainy days as it is the tropics but there is something refreshing about the occasional tropical downpour.

What isn’t well known is that Indonesia is actually a year round destination. A lot of the crew here at The Perfect Wave love surfing Bali and the Mentawai in the supposed off season as, especially in the Mentawai, there is no crowds and conditions are still amazing.

Wet season runs from November to March when north-west winds are most favourable on south and east facing coasts. There are amazing wave options in this season also especially in Bali at breaks such as Keramas and Nusa Dua on the east coast. Conditions in the Mentawai tend to be smaller which makes it really manageable to surf for intermediates and those not seeking to be barrelled at every opportunity. Although don’t rule out barrels at some of the main breaks. Whilst the words “wet season” might sound a little off-putting, it really is just some tropical daily down pours with lots of sunshine and temperatures are consistently above 28C year round.

Indonesia is directly in line with any low pressure systems which journey from the southern tip of South Africa all the way to the south western tip of Western Australia, ensuring consistent, often sizeable groundswells head straight towards the equatorial Indonesian archipelago almost year round.

Nowhere really comes close to Indonesia for consistency and reliability of surf.


North & South Sumatra


West Java, G-Land & Panaitan

Lakey Peak & Sumbawa


Roti & Timor

West Papua

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