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Camino Surf Morocco - Aglou



Experience level: Group - Land Based, Solo Travellers, Learn to Surf, Surf and Yoga, Longboarders, Stand-up Paddleboarding trip, Bodyboarders, All Girls Surf Trips, Party, Kneeboarders, Intermediate Waves
TIME OF YEAR: January, February, March, April, November, December


Only a footstep from the hotel, and you are standing in the middle of Aglou Plage, a long and sandy beach. From the big terrace you check the waves in the mornings and enjoy the sunset from the comfortable lounge while having a barbecue and some moroccan Whiskey (mint tea) in the evenings.  Within minutes you are in the line-up either in front of the hotel or you give the surrounding breaks a go. The hills in the backcountry come up with beautiful scenic views of the coast and the Antiatlas-mountains.

About this Surf Tour


When the first decent low pressure systems arrive over the northern atlantic and send cold and grey weather over Europe - then it's time to follow the waves and the sun southwards. To Morocco, the "kingdom of the West". A country filled with impressive contrasts. Besides the cultural diversity, the diversified landscape, the unmatched hospitality of the locals and their delicious cuisine, two things people come here for are waves and weather. An average of 330 days of sun per year with mild temperatures and very consistent waves between November and March are valid and sound arguments for exchanging winter's frost for summerlike wave-experience. Perfectly peeling point-breaks for the advanced surfer and convenient beach breaks for the beginner - with water temperatures around 20 degree - that's winter in Morocco.
About 80km south of Agadir you find the Camino Surf Camp in the small beach village of Sidi Moussa d'Aglou - a surfer's dream come true. Next to the very consistent beach-break on the doorstep of the hotel there are plenty of reef-breaks in close proximity to be discovered. 2km north, a reefy point-break awaits the brave. Well known spots like Tifnit, Mirleft and Oued Massa are within 30min driving distance. Even if the swell's pumping and the waves are firing, there are no crowds in the water. That's why here it's all about: surfing and relaxing!

Surfing: Not only a sport but a profoundly meaningful practice that brings physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits.
Surfcamp: Easily immerse yourself in the art of surfing through professional coaching in small groups
Respect: Developing and circulating an increased awareness for nature and community

Their Philosophy

Surfing is not just another water sport‚ but a profoundly meaningful practice that brings physical, psychological and spiritual benefits - and on top of all that: it's heaps of fun. Fun - that's what it's basically all about! Flying down the surface of a gently rolling, sparkling mountain of water - tackling the surge and inhaling the universal force within. That's exhilarating and soothing at once.  You get professional training in small groups and you are coached by certified surf-instructors. Experience, enthusiasm and a deep affection for the sport of surfing and the ocean itself - that's Camino Surf.


Camino Beach Hotel
Only a footstep from your doorstep, and you are standing in the middle of Aglou Plage, a long and sandy beach. From the big terrace you check the waves in the mornings and enjoy the sunset from the comfortable lounge while having a barbecue and a cold beer in the evenings. Just within minutes you are in the line-up either in front of the hotel or give the surrounding breaks a go.

Camino Surf Morocco's Beach Hotel is located directly on the beach of Sidi Moussa d'Aglou. There are single-rooms, doubles and triples available, alternatively with ocean or with landscape-view. Each room is equipped with its own bathroom (with european-style toilets), satellite-TV and telephone. Wi-Fi is available in the Surfcamp-lounge.

Just around the corner, you also find a small grocery store, a cafe and a restaurant

Surf & Other Activities

Surf'n'Roll Music and Surf Workshop
From February 10th till 17th once again this Morocco-Camp will serve as venue for the legendary Surf'n'Roll music and surf workshop. Either you are a hobby-amateur-musician or a professional virtuoso, a surfing greenhorn or an old hand in the wave: You'll have a blast with the three music-teachers Christoph, Ander and Christian joining the team - on the surfboard as well as on the musical instrument of your choice...

Surfcourse for beginners

During the beginner course their experienced surf-coaches will introduce you to the joys and thrills unique to this beautiful and recreational activity. Starting off with the very basics like paddling and catching broken waves and progressing to surf the "green" wave towards the end of the course. An ideal student-teacher ratio, a safe and fun environment as well as a highly motivated and experienced staff will get you on board in no time.

Surfcourse for Intermediates

You have been surfing before and you manage to stand up on smaller waves but you want to push it to the next level or feel the need to refine your techniques? In this case the Intermediate Surf Course is your best bet. Correct posture, positioning, timing - to get the most out of your surf-session you need to bring a lot of things to perfection. Thanks to the sophisticated training methodology which include two intensive video analyses with footage from different angles, advances come easily and naturally.

Surfcourse for Advanced
You have already mastered the basics of surfing and now you want to put more power and speed in your turns, drop into bigger waves with more confidence and get started with your first maneuvers? Then you should give our advanced surfing course a go. Together with our experienced and motivated instructors, you will spot points for improvement in all stages or surfing according to your skill level: from taking-off to carving into a snap.

Yoga Surf Combo:
Sun, surfing, beach and Yoga - what a great combination. Start your day with more energy and be stronger in the water. After the surf-sessions you relax and sooth your tense and tired muscles during their extended yoga sessions. You put your body and mind to rest and as your nose gets rid of the last nose-drippings you are mentally and physically ready for the next wave.
Yoga classes are designed for everybody to experience their own personal limits. A step-by-step introduction for Beginners with detailled explanations of the exercises ease the entry for newcomers. Also advanced Yogi will benefit from the courses through demanding variations and combinations. The Yoga-schedule is adjusted to the surf-course time-table.
They either start early in the morning with a yoga session to bring life back into our limbs and get the circulation going. Light Pranayama, warm-up exercises, Sun Salutations and a challenging program on the yoga mat. This is how they start the day: relaxed and full of energy!
Alternatively, we might choose to do our Yoga-classes in the evenings. Then they basically focus on relaxation and do extensive stretching in order to prevent our muscles from getting sore and tense. Additionally, they strengthen the muscles which have been less stressed while surfing to put our body back in balance.

Activities in the area
They can organise all sorts of different activities, from visiting the Souk (traditional market) or the Hamam (hot bath) to Camel-riding and Sahara-trekking. If you are looking for a special kick, they can arrange Paragliding courses too.

Pricing & Packages
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