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The Perfect Wave Surf Experience has teamed up with the best surf photographers on the planet to bring you surf experiences that will last forever. If you want the trip of a lifetime to “RIP in real waves” with your favourite professional surf photographer and make new friends in the process. You will get a disc of professional shots of yourself and mates surfing the best waves of your lives that you can enjoy forever.

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Past Trips:


Surf Solomons surf tour - (Solomon Islands)

Dates: 1st - 10th April 2011 - SEE THE DAILY PHOTO UPDATES HERE

"...The Solomon Islands has thrown an entirely new angle into what is possible from a surf trip. We travel to find waves and occasionally, if you are willing to get a little sticky you can find so much more. Our guide Tony has been amazing. His knowledge of these islands is outstanding and his integration with the local people is 100%. For the intrepid traveller wanting to discover these parts alone it would be possible, but extremely difficult. Going with Tony ensured that the local villages benefit from visiting surfers and the visitors get to surf the best waves… Crowd numbers here are non-existent and will probably stay that way for a long time as you have to be willing to give up a few luxuries that other destinations can offer. The waves here can be perfect and there are so many breaks to choose from. But the best thing on offer here is the true experience of being invited into a pacific island village, even if it is only for a few days the place really is paradise. The only thing I can say that really puts the trip into perspective is that I would do it again tomorrow! In fact I have already started talking about booking again next year, want to come?…" - (Joel, saltmotion photography)

It was an excellent trip! Even though it was a late season, the boys scored good and fun waves and had a trip of their lifetime. Click HERE for a photo gallery from this trip and click HERE for a video clip. Enjoy!


Cobia surf charter - (Maldives - Central Atolls)

Dates: 22nd June - 2nd July 2011 - SEE THE DAILY PHOTO UPDATES HERE

"Ten surfers, nine Fellas and one girl, four crew, one surf guide, one photographer, three stitches, lots of sunburn, a few damaged boards, kilos of pasta, thousands of inappropriate jokes and no clean ones, a chiropractor to put us back together each day, far too many waves to count, tropical water, blue skies, music, a sock puppet and tens of thousands of laughs... Its been an amazing one, we scored so many good waves that everyone is ‘surfed out’ and had so many bouts of laughter that left us all rolling on the floor that our ribs hurt as much from laughing as they do from surfing. To us, a boat charter is as much about the group dynamics as it is about the waves and on this trip they were both nothing shy of perfect!…" - (Joel, saltmotion photography)

It was a fun-filled time full of eating, surfing and chilling out on the deck! With the help of surf guide Martey and the rest of the Cobia crew, it was a one-in-a-lifetime trip. Click HERE for a photo gallery!


D'Bora surf charter - (Indonesia - Mentawais)

Dates: 22nd June - 2nd July 2011 - SEE THE DAILY PHOTO UPDATES HERE

"The trip aboard the D’bora cruising the Mentawai Islands for waves has come to an end. We have scoured the archipelago from north to south and scored some amazing waves, had a lot of laughs and really seen what the area has to offer. The swell came up on our last day and we are all going home very satisfied. I want to take the opportunity to thank Amaeck, Ferry, Labay, Nanang, Fengky, Eka and our awesome surf guide, Joey, for working tirelessly the whole charter. The D’Bora is a great boat, comfortable and spacious but the crew really makes the trip and these guys were first class." - (Joel, saltmotion photography)

Mentawai Islands never disappoint. Great waves, quality boat and awesome crew made this trip special. Click HERE for a photo gallery!



PNG Explorer surf charter - (Papua New Guinea)

Dates: 1st - 8th December 2011 - SEE THE DAILY PHOTO UPDATES HERE

"PNG has been one of the most amazing trips of the year. From heaving barrels to super glassy peelers, we have had a good spread of waves and the boys are all totally surfed out. But, surf trips are not just about surfing; it’s the experience of going somewhere new, making new friends and seeing things that totally blow your mind. From an amazing WWII Japanese fighter plane sitting on the sea bed to an old colonial leper colony now being used as a school, the trip certainly did not disappoint." - (Joel, saltmotion photography)

Daily perfect, glassy right- and left- hand barrels followed by a breakfast feast, a midday adventures and finished off with a late surf sessions or even night surfing! The guys had a very special trip and came back stoked! Click HERE for a photo gallery!



All Girls Trip - Matanivusi Surf Eco Resort - (Fiji)

Dates: 19th - 26th February 2012 - SEE THE DAILY PHOTO UPDATES HERE

"Another day in Fiji and another day filled with surfing, stand-up paddle boards, snorkeling and, to end it off, the girls have all booked a massage. We scored some fun sized waves on the outer reefs today, perfect for the longboards and stand-ups. The water clarity is pretty amazing here and everyone took the opportunity to do some snorkeling as well. The swell direction is set to swing by morning, which might open up a fun right hand break. For those who are wondering, the resort we are staying at is called Matanivusi. The rooms are awesome, the food amazing and the staff some of the friendliest people you could hope to meet. There are plenty of waves, no crowds and loads of stuff for the non-surfers to fill their days too…"

"The ‘All Girls’ surf trip was fantastic, the people that came along made the trip amazing and the number of laughs shared were countless, oh yeah, there were some pretty tasty waves too! Special thanks to the team at Matanivusi and The Perfect Wave for making it happen." - (Joel, saltmotion photography)


Cobia surf boat charter - (Maldives - Southern Atolls)

Dates: 14th - 26th April 2012 - SEE THE DAILY PHOTOS HERE

"Surf charters take on a life of their own and you often feel that you never want them to end. If there is such a thing as too much fun then we have certainly found it on this trip!.. I hope you have enjoyed the daily photographic updates from this surfing paradise, known as the Maldives Southern Atolls, as much as we have enjoyed being here. I hope some of the photos give you an idea of the constant laughter that forms the soundtrack to these trips, the banter that makes your sides hurt with laughter and the new friendships formed. Last night the crew threw a party for us. Not your average ‘traditional sing-along’, instead they brought their mates on board and everyone was up and dancing, pretty awesome way to end the trip! The entire charter has been amazing. I can’t wait until the next one!…" (Joel, saltmotion photography)


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